Electromagnetic Suspension System: working principle, application and components

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Keep in mind the days when building up a car vehicle essentially required congregations of pack of mechanical parts with tad of hardware and mechanical development of these segments made it conceivable to run a vehicle. Oh dear! Those were the brilliant days for a mechanical specialist.

With the progression in innovation now days, A car vehicle is an element of half mechanical and half electrical parts that cooperates to make it conceivable to run a vehicle and furthermore make the vehicle productive and brisk responsive. At the end of the day we can say that “Now present day car vehicles have a few cerebrums”. So today in this article we will dive in around one of the real progression in savvy car frameworks i.e. Electromagnetic suspension framework.

An electromagnetic suspension framework in the present top of the line hatchback and vehicle autos is just a similar McPherson swagger (allude article on suspension framework) utilized in ordinary autos however with a brilliant structure modification i.e. utilization of electromagnets inside dampers of its suspension framework that are controlled by the electronic control unit of the vehicle, which makes the suspension 100% all the more fast responsive and effective, which thusly makes the ride progressively smooth and astoundingly steady.

What makes it worth to put in some additional cash?

Uncompromised comfort, surprising brilliant highlights and better execution are the 3 present day prerequisites of the present client, and with regards to dynamic security and solace at that point there is no preferable alternative over an electromagnetic suspension as –

  • Taking a sharp turn at rapid is constantly dangerous because of skeleton roll given by the radiating power yet in vehicles furnished with electromagnetic suspension the frame roll is relatively insignificant because of their high electronically controlled damper’s firmness.
  • Bumps on city streets are the stream breakers with regards to extravagance and solace, yet when we talk about the autos with electromagnetic suspensions then these street knocks neglect to influence the solace of the traveler because of their high electromagnetically controlled damping which opposes street stuns to influence the body of the vehicle.
  • When we talk about minimal rough terrain rides like experiencing couple of Indian towns with typical Macpherson swaggers, the ride feels none not exactly a crazy ride with so much stomach turns which can’t be acknowledged however on the off chance that we switch the suspension with Bose’s electromagnetic suspensions because of their freely controlled suspensions with all wheel keen solidness sensors we can serenely make the most of our beverage even in twisty harsh landscapes.
  • Application of ECU controlled electromagnets in suspension make it 100x snappy responsive than straightforward Macpherson swagger, these suspensions can reaction amazing number of times inside a second because of their shrewd dependability sensors controlled by electronic control unit of the vehicle.
  • Wear and tear is greatest malady when we talk about mechanical segments, which isn’t at all an aggravating issue in electromagnetic suspension framework as they are keen frameworks with least mechanical impedance which thus diminishes the general upkeep and expands the framework life.

Little cons

The main little cons of applying these savvy electromagnetic suspensions are their surprising expense and plan intricacy.

Electromagnetic Suspension System Components

As we have just examined that electromagnetic suspension framework is the aftereffect of minimal propelled change in damper of straightforward Macpherson swagger suspension, so the development of these two is relatively same.

Same as the Macpherson, electromagnetic suspensions comprises of –

  1. Lower arm– Same as the Macpherson swagger, A lower arm is an ‘A’

molded 2-DOF linkage used to interface the wheel to the frame through lower mounting purpose of the wheel’s knuckle.

  1. Knuckle or upstanding – It is the part which is utilized as mounting for number of segments of suspension, controlling and stopping mechanisms of a vehicle, in Macpherson swagger and electromagnetic suspension framework knuckle is utilized as the lower arm and upper damper mounting segment that associates the case and the wheel as indicated by the structured points.
  2. Spring and damper get together (for nitty gritty development read our article on dampers)- In electromagnetic suspension this is where change in the development is made which makes it unique in relation to that of Macpherson swagger .

Inside the damper of the electromagnetic suspension, quantities of electromagnets (with copper winding) are fitted inside the roundabout cylinder having liquid channels over its body, these electromagnets are associated with the electronic control unit of the vehicle for the data sources.

The liquid inside the damper of electromagnetic suspension is blended with the quantities of metal particles which are in charge of damping control and firmness of the dampers.

  1. Sensors– Number of sensors are utilized with various parts of electromagnetic suspension which makes this framework keen and brisk responsive, these sensors sense the prerequisite of the ride and sent signs to the ECU of the vehicle so as to control the suspension as needs be and are in charge of strength of this electromagnetic suspension framework.
  2. Electronic control unit– This is likewise called the cerebrum of the advanced car vehicle as it controls every one of the frameworks of the cutting edge autos simply like a shrewd robot, ECU is a customized chipset that deals with various calculations for various arrangement of a vehicle so as to insightfully control the distinctive frameworks of a vehicle.

Obviously the battery of the vehicle is utilized as the power hotspot for the ECU and in addition all the electronic parts of the keen car framework eg-electromagnets in electromagnetic suspension framework.


As we as a whole realize that the reason for any suspension framework climate it is mechanical or electromagnetic is to give dynamic dependability and solace to the vehicle. So to comprehend the working of the electromagnetic suspension we need to burrow inside the damper of this suspension framework. So how about we go in-

  • When driver turn on the vehicle, the ECU of the vehicle motivated enacted and begin to take and convey sources of info and yields separately.
  • if there should arise an occurrence of electromagnetic suspension when any knock or a turn is detected by the quantity of sensors of this framework the info is sent to the ECU which thus process the data and controls the present yield to the electromagnets inside the damper’s cylinder of electromagnetic suspension.
  • With the present info sent by the ECU, electromagnets inside the damper’s cylinder got initiated and begin producing attractive field in like manner.
  • Due to this attractive field the metal molecule blended with the damping liquid while using the liquid procedures over the cylinder’s surface got pulled in and frame number of layers inside the liquid channels.
  • With this metal layer arrangement inside the liquid channels over the cylinder the dampers turn out to be firm. (The firmness of these dampers is specifically relative to the quality of the attractive field which relies upon the ECU signals)
  • The solidness because of these metal particles keeps the roll and street stun to exchange to the undercarriage and makes the ride steady and agreeable.
  • As this framework is ECU controlled we can get autonomous suspension security with number of various solidness in every one of the wheels of the vehicle which thusly makes this framework a keen, agreeable and profoundly stable suspension framework.


The electromagnetic suspension framework are utilized in vehicles of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla and so forth in light of their surprising expense.

It is utilized in Maglev (attractive levitation) trains, dynamic attractive bearing deals with this standard of electromagnetic suspension.

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