Design of machinery

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Design of machinery 

An Introduction to the Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms and Machines

Robert L. Norton

“Robert L. Norton’s fifth edition of DESIGN OF MACHINERY continues the tradition of this best-selling book through its balanced coverage of analysis and design and outstanding use of realistic engineering examples. Through its reader-friendly style of writing, clear exposition of complex topics, and emphasis on synthesis and design, the text succeeds in conveying the art of design as well as the use of modern tools needed for analysis of the kinematics and dynamics of machinery. Topics are explained verbally and visually, often through the use of software, to enhance student understanding. Accompanying each copy of the book is an updated DVD that includes the LINKAGES software package, updated DYNACAM, as well as ENGINE and MATRIX programs. A six-month license for the Working Model program is available for a nominal charge from the website. Additionally, the DVD contains many videos and classroom resources to help instructors and students.”–Publisher’s website.

Emphasizing the design aspects of mechanisms and providing numerousindustry examples and illustrations for readers, this work provides aconceptual foundation for the kinematics and dynamics of machinery, presented in the context of what a design engineer needs to work with.

It also includes 88 project assignments.

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