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Design and control of automotive Propulsion System

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Design and control of automotive Propulsion System

Pages: 210


Transportation consumes about 30% of the total energy in the United States. In many
emerging markets around the world, transportation, especially personal transportation,
has been growing at a rapid pace.

Consequently, energy consumption and its environmental
impact are now among the most challenging problems humans face. From a technical
perspective, construction machinery and agriculture equipment share similar challenges,
as all mobile applications have to carry energy onboard and convert energy into mechanical
motion in real time to meet the demand of the specific function.

The objective of this
book is to present the design and control of automotive propulsion systems in order to
promote innovations in transportation and mobile applications, and therefore reduce their
energy consumption and emissions.

There are two unique features of this book. One is that given the multidisciplinary
nature of the automotive propulsion system, we adopt a holistic approach to present the
subject, especially focusing on the relationship between propulsion system design and its
dynamics and electronic control. A critical trend in this area is to have more electronics,
including sensors, actuators, and controls, integrated into the powertrain system.

This is
going to change the traditional mechanical powertrain into a mechatronic powertrain.
Such change will have profound impact on the complex dynamics of the powertrain
system and create new opportunities for improving system efficiency. The other is that
we cover all major propulsion system components, from internal combustion engines to
transmissions and hybrid powertrain


Introduction of the Automotive Propulsion System

Design, Modeling, and Control of Internal Combustion Engine

Design, Modeling, and Control of Automotive Transmission Systems

Design, Modeling, and Control of Hybrid Systems

Control System Integration and Implementation

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