Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Approach

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Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Approach

Pages: 601


Chapter 1 presents an introduction to computational fluid dynamics and
is specifically designed to provide the reader with an overview of CFD and its
entailed advantages, the range of applications as a research tool on various
facets of industrial problems, and the future use of CFD.

Chapter 2 aims to cultivate a sense of curiosity for the first-time user on how
a CFD problem is currently handled and solved.

Chapter 3. It is vitally important that the reader can fully
appreciate, understand, and feel comfortable with the basic physical equations
and underlying principles of this discipline, as they are its lifeblood.

The first stage
deals with numerical discretization, which is examined in Chapter 4.

The numerical concepts of stability, convergence, consistency, and accuracy
are discussed in Chapter 5.

Chapter 6, the authors have therefore devised some
practical guidelines for the reader to better comprehend turbulence modeling
and other models commonly applied.

Chapter 7 illustrations of the power of CFD through a set of industrially relevant
applications on a significant range of engineering disciplines.

in Chapter 8, hoping in the process, to reap the benefits of
whetting the appetite of readers for more to come in the evolutionary use of
CFD in any new emerging areas of science and engineering.

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