Casting | Definition, Advantages, Limitations, Defects, Types

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What is casting ?

Casting is an assembling procedure in which liquid metal is filled a uniquely planned cavity. At the point when metal chills off and ends up strong it takes the state of hole. This cooled strong metal is called throwing. After this we take out that throwing of wanted shape and size from the pit.

We can additionally do some work in this throwing to make it fit for our utilization.

Points of interest of casting process

  • Any many-sided shape might be inward or outside can be made
  • It is basically conceivable to cast any material
  • Instruments required for throwing forms are commonly economical
  • Cooling of throwing is commonly uniform from all headings henceforth it is for the most part does not have directional properties
  • Numerous materials must be handled by throwing forms in light of their metallurgical contemplations
  • It is essentially conceivable to make throwing of any size, even up to 200 tons

Disadvantages of casting process

  • For the most part Dimensional precision of throwing items (if there should arise an occurrence of sand throwing) are not all that great and can not be utilized for definite use. Henceforth, further preparing of throwing is required before conclusive use
  • Sand throwing process is work concentrated
  • With a few materials it is absurd to expect to defeat absconds emerging because of dampness present in sand.

Casting defects

  1. Gas defects
  • Blowholes and open blows
  • Air considerations
  • Pinhole porosity
  • Shrinkage holes

2. Moulding material defects

  • Cuts and washes
  • Metal entrance
  • Combination
  • Run out
  • Rodent tails and clasps
  • Swell
  • Drop

3. Pouring metal defects

  • Misruns and cool close
  • Slag incorporations

4. Metallurgical defects

  • Hot tears
  • Problem areas

Special casting processes

  1. Shell shaping
  2. Accuracy speculation throwing
  3. Perpetual shape throwing
  4. Bite the dust throwing

Hot chamber process

Chilly chamber process

  1. Vacuum bite the dust throwing
  2. Low incredible
  3. Outward throwing

Genuine outward throwing

Semi-outward throwing


  1. Constant throwing
  2. Crush throwing
  3. Slush throwing
  4. Vacuum throwing

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