Cam and Follower | Definition and Types

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In this article we will pick up following things about Cam and Follower

What is a Cam and its sorts

What is a supporter and its sorts

Meaning of Cam

A cam is a mechanical part used to give wanted movement to adherent by direct contact

Cam and supporter blend has a place with the classification of higher sets.

Fundamental individuals from cam and devotee instrument are

A driver part known as cam

A determined part known as adherent

A casing which underpins the cam and aides the adherent

Kinds of Cams

Cams can be grouped by

  1. Shape
  2. Supporter development
  3. Way of limitation of the supporter

Groupings of Cams as per shape

Wedge and flat cams

Wedge and flat cams

Radial or disc cams

Radial or disc cams

Spiral cams

Spiral cams

Cylindrical cams

Cylindrical cams

Conjugate cams

Conjugate cams

Globoidal cams

Globoidal cams

Spherical cams

Spherical cam

Classifications of Cams according to follower movement

Rise return rise

  • Rise return rise
  • Dwell rise return dwell
  • Dwell rise dwell return dwell

Classifications of Cams according to constraint of the follower

  • Preloaded spring cams
  • Positive drive cams
  • Gravity cam

Sorts of followers

Cam followers can be arranged by

  1. Shape
  2. Development and
  3. Area of line of development

Arrangements of followers as indicated by shape

Sorts of Cam Followers

Types of Cam Followers
  • Knife edge follower
  • Roller follower
  • Mushroom (or Spherical) follower
  • Plate type follower

Arrangements of followers as indicated by development

Reciprocating follower

In this sort, as the cam pivots, the adherent responds or interprets in the aides.

Oscillating follower

The devotee is turned at a reasonable point on the casing and wavers as the cam makes rotational movement.

Classifications of followers according to line of movement

  • Radial follower

The supporter is known as an outspread adherent if the line of development of the devotee goes through the focal point of pivot of cam.

Offset follower

Offset Follower

On the off chance that the line of development of supporter is balanced from the focal point of revolution of the cam, the devotee is known as a balance adherent.

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