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Boatowner’s Illustrated Electrical Handbook

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Boatowner’s Illustrated Electrical Handbook

Pages: 289



1. Basic DC Circuits

What Electricity Is • Ohm’s Law • Loads • Sources • Practice Problems

2. DC Measurements

Analog Test Instruments • Digital Test Instruments • Digital vs. Analog Test Instruments • Homemade Testers • Troubleshooting

3. Batteries

What Is a Battery? • A Few Messy Details • Electrical Model of Batteries • Monitoring Battery Health • Discharge Characteristics • Charging Characteristics • Charging Recommendations • Estimating Your Daily Load • Choosing a Battery Type • Optimum Depth of Discharge • Sizing the Alternator • Series vs. Parallel • Battery Boxes • ABYC Standards for Batteries

4. Alternators


A Galley Alternator • A Rotary Current Machine • Rectification • Controlling the Alternator • Type-P and Type-N Alternators • Powering the Voltage Regulator • Regulator Bypass Controls • Link 2000-R Charge Controller • Charging Setups • Alternator Installation • Troubleshooting

5. Bonding

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