Belt Drive and its Types

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Belt Drives are a sort of frictional drives utilized for transmitting powers. They are very mainstream attributable to their high strength and unwavering quality. For a large portion of the power transmission necessities, belt drives are likewise sparing and monetarily feasible. They are relatively simple to introduce and keep up and for the most part are tough and suitable over the long haul.

Belt Drive

Belt drives are utilized to transmit control between two shafts which don’t have a typical hub. The measure of intensity transmitted between the poles is needy upon the measure of grinding between the two. Elements that decide the power transmission are the speed of the belt, belt strain between the pulleys and the point of contact between the pulleys.

Belt drive diagram

For getting the ideal execution and the ideal outcomes from the belt drive the choice of the correct belt as per the application progresses toward becoming crucial.Selection of the correct sort of belt for a given application will rely on the kind of drive utilized, working RPM, Horsepower age, Diameter of pulleys and focus separate, take up configuration, space accessible for the setup, stun stack conditions, issues with static dissemination, the administration life of the belt and so forth.

 Types of Belt Drives:

There are two expansive characterizations to the extent kinds of belt drives are concerned, they are controlled by the measure of intensity transmission required and game plan of belts.

Belt Drives as indicated by the power transmitted :

Light Drives:

Utilized in farming machines and little machines. The belt speed for the most part stays in the scope of 10 m/sec. Ideal for applications where little power exchange is required.

Medium Drives:

Utilized in modern and semi-mechanical applications the power conveyance in this set up is of medium range. Exceedingly used in machining and comparable applications the belt speed in this kind of setup ranges from 10 m/sec to 22m/sec.

Extensive Drives:

As the name recommends these are huge belt drives utilized for substantial power conveyance. It finds wide application in procedures where high transmission control is required. The belt speed in this configuration of the belt drive is more than 22 m/sec. It discovers application in running of blowers and comparable huge hardware.

Belt Drives as per the course of action of belt :

Open Belt Drive:

Open belt drive

Open belt drive

In this sort of belt drive, the gathering of shafts is parallel and turns a similar way. The span of the pole fluctuates and has a huge shaft associated with a little shaft. The power is transmitted from the bigger shaft to the littler shaft, the lower side is known as the more tightly side.

Cross belt drive:

In this kind of belt drive, the poles are parallel to one another simply like in open belt drive however the belts are in cross arrangement and moving inverse to in one another in direction.In this setup, a similar format of one shaft is greater than the other is connected. Crossed belt drive has increasingly pressure as an afterthought which is going about as the driver i.e. the heading in which the belt is being moved. The side being pulled in known as the tight side and the other one is known as the slack side.

Cross belt drive

Quarter Turn Belt Drive:

Quarter turn belt drive

Quarter turn belt drive

This kind of belt drive is otherwise called right point belt drive. In this designs, the poles are at the correct point and move in one direction.This accommodates a novel issue and that is the belt running down the pulley, to conquer this issue the width of the pole is quarter times more than the width of the belt. Thus the name quarter turns belt drive.

Compound Belt Drive:

Compound belt drive

As the name recommends, compound belt drive is a mind boggling game plan of shafts and pulleys where control is transmitted from in excess of one shaft using various pulleys. It is commonly utilized in a perplexing application condition.

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