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Bearing design in Machinery

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Bearing design in Machinery

Covering the fundamental principles of bearing selection, design, and tribology, this book discusses basic physical principles of bearing selection, lubrication, design computations, advanced bearings materials, arrangement, housing, and seals, as well as recent developments in bearings for high-speed aircraft engines. The author explores unique solutions to challenging design problems and presents rare case studies, such as hydrodynamic and rolling-element bearings in series and adjustable hydrostatic pads for large bearings. He focuses on the design considerations and calculations specific to hydrodynamic journal bearings, hydrostatic bearings, and rolling element bearings.

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Table of contents:-

Chapter 1 Classification and Selection of Bearings

Chapter 2 Lubricant Viscosity

Chapter 3 Fundamental Properties of Lubricants

Chapter 4 Principles of Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Chapter 5 Basic Hydrodynamic Equations

Chapter 6 Long Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing

Chapter 7 Short Journal Bearings

Chapter 8 Design Charts for Finite-Length Journal Bearings

Chapter 9 Practical Applications of Journal Bearings

Chapter 10 Hydrostatic Bearings

Chapter 11 Bearing Materials

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