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Basics of Hydraulic Systems

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Basics of Hydraulic Systems

Pages: 339


Draws the Link Between Service Knowledge and the Advanced Theory of Fluid Power

Providing the fundamental knowledge on how a typical hydraulic system generates, delivers, and deploys fluid power, 

Basics of Hydraulic Systems highlights the key configuration features of the components that are needed to support their functionality in a system, such as operating principles, structural features, functionalities, and applications of core composing elements.

It also shows how those components work together to perform the designated power transmission task.

Moves from a System to Instructional ComponentsApproach

By presenting the ins and outs of hydraulic systems in an easy-to-follow way, this example-filled textbook provides students, engineers, and technical managers an effective nuts-and-bolts reference for studying the fundamentals of fluid power transmission technology.

Rather than bogging readers down with extensive mathematical equations, this resource uses a visual, expressive approach with many graphic illustrations. It also includes examples and problems within each chapter and solutions manual for qualifying course adoptions.

The text includes a section devoted to hydraulic energy storage and regeneration elements, since both play an important role in many hybrid power transmission systems, such as diesel-hydraulic hybrid vehicles.

As a hydraulics expert and holder of seven US patents, the author’s experience gives readers a practical view of the field that they can then immediately apply.

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