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Automotive Wiring And Electrical Systems

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Automotive Wiring And Electrical Systems

Pages: 411


Chapter 1: Adding a Basic Circuit to Any Hot Rod
Safety First

Project 1: Installing Interior Lighting
Additional Functionality

Project 2: Adding Turn Signal and High-Beam Indicators

Chapter 2: Performance Lighting

Project 3: Servicing the Existing Headlight System

Part 1: Low Beams

Part 2: High Beams
Make the Appropriate Repairs

Project 4: Upgrading the Stock Headlights to Higher-Powered Units

Chapter 3: Performance Gauges
Gauge Types

Project 5: Installing a Complete Set of Fully Electronic Gauges

Chapter 4: Electric Fans

Project 6: Evaluating the Performance of Electric Cooling Fans
Project 7: Optimizing the Performance of Electric Cooling Fans

Chapter 5: High-Performance Charging Systems

Project 8: Determining Alternator Output
Project 9: Upgrading the Alternator
Project 10: Relocating the Battery to the Trunk

Chapter 6: Aftermarket Wiring Harness

Project 11: Installing a Traditional Aftermarket Wiring Harness

Part 1: Begin the Project
Part 2: Time to Adapt
Part 3: Wire the Turn Signal Switch
Part 4: Wire the Ignition Switch
Part 5: Wire the Engine Compartment
Part 6: Wire the Interior Lights
Part 7: Wire the Windows
Part 8: Complete Wiring to Center Console
Part 9: Last-Minute Details
Part 10: Test Everything

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