Automotive Engineering Fundamentals

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Automotive Engineering Fundamentals

This book arose from a need for an automotive engineering textbook that included analysis, as well as descriptions of the hardware. Specifically, several courses in systems engineering use the automobile as a basis. Additionally, many universities are now involved in collegiate design competitions such as the SAE Mini Baja and Formula SAE competitions.

This book should be helpful to such teams as an introductory text and as a source for further references. Given the broad scope of this topic, not every aspect of automotive engineering could be covered while keeping the text to a reasonable and affordable size.

Pages: 636

Size: 26 MB


Chapter 1-Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2 -Thermodynamics of Prime Movers

Chapter 3-Spark Ignition Engines

Chapter 4-Diesel Engines

Chapter 6-Transmissions and Driveline

Chapter 7-Steering Systems and Steering Dynamics

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