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Applied Mechanical Design

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Applied Mechanical Design

Pages: 509



Chapter 1. Case Study-based Design Methodology

Chapter 2. Materials and Geometry in Applied Mechanical Design,
Followed by Case Studies

Chapter 3. Geometrical Specification of GPS and
ISO Products: Case Studies of Hertzian Contacts

Chapter 4. Design of Incurvate Geometries by Sweeping

Chapter 5. Principles for Calculations in Mechanical
Design: Theory and Problems. Strength of Materials
in Constructions

Chapter 6. Noise and Vibration in Machine Parts

Chapter 7. Principles of Calculations for Fatigue and Failure

Chapter 8. Friction, Brakes and Gear Systems

Chapter 9. Sizing of Creations

Chapter 10. Design of Plastic Products

Chapter 11. Mechanical Design Projects

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