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An Introduction to
3D Printing

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An Introduction to
3D Printing

Pages: 149


Chapter 1
1.0 Introduction

1.1 The Basics of 3D Printing

1.2 3D Print Methods and Materials

Chapter 2
2.0 Introduction

2.1 Industrial Applications

2.2 3D Printing in Space

2.3 Housing
2.4 Clothing

2.5 Medical Applications

2.6 Consumer-Oriented Products


Chapter 3
3.0 3D Scanning

3.0.1 Methods of Data Collection

3.0.2 From Point Cloud to 3D Model

3.1 Software for 3D Printing

3.1.1 CAD Software

3.1.2 Freeform Software

3.1.3 Sculpting Software

3.1.4 Almost But Not Quite
3.2 Hardware
3.2.1 Nice to Know

Chapter 4
4.0 To Buy or Not to Buy

4.1 3D Printing Services

4.2 3D Model Repositories

4.3 3D Printing Considerations

4.4 A 3D Printing Example

4.5 Wrapping Up
Chapter 5
5.0 Terminology and Advice

5.1 Basic Movement and Object Manipulation
5.2 Editing and Creating Objects

5.3 Making Your First 3D Model

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3D Printing

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