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Advanced Electrical Installation Work

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Advanced Electrical Installation Work



UNIT 1 – Application of health and safety and electrical principles 1

Chapter 1 Statutory regulations and safe working procedures 3

Chapter 2 Safe working practices and emergency procedures 51

Chapter 3 Effective working practices 77

Chapter 4 Electrical systems and components 95

Chapter 5 Electricity supply systems, protection and earthing 181

Chapter 6 Electrical machines and motors 227

UNIT 2 – Installation (buildings and structures): inspection, testing and commissioning 251

Chapter 7 Safe, effective and efficient working practices 253

Chapter 8 Inspection, testing and commissioning 311

UNIT 3 – Installation (buildings and structures): fault diagnosis and rectification 347

Chapter 9 Fault diagnosis and repair 349

Chapter 10 Restoring systems to working order

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