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A Practical Approach to Motor Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance

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A Practical Approach to
Motor Vehicle Engineering
and Maintenance

Pages: 370


1 Engines and lubrication 11

Engine construction
Four stroke and two stroke cycles
Valve timing – variable valve timing
Lubrication and lubrication systems

2 Cooling systems 58

Cooling system terminology
Liquid (water) cooled system
Air-cooled system
Specific heat capacity
Fans and pumps

3 Fuel systems 85

Petrol fuel system
Petrol injection
Diesel fuel systems
Direct injection – indirect injection
Common rail fuel system

4 Engine air supply and exhaust systems 128

Engine air supply – air filters – manifolds
Exhausts systems – silencers
Oxygen sensor
Air flow meters

5 Transmission system

6 Suspension systems 170

Non-independent – leaf spring suspension
Independent suspension
Leaf spring construction
Dampers (shock absorbers)

7 Braking systems 186

Hydraulic braking systems
Drum brakes
Disc brakes
Master cylinder
Wheel cylinders
Brake fluid
Braking efficiency

8 Steering, wheels and tyres 200
Ackerman principle
Steering angles
Steering geometry
Track adjustment
Steering boxes
Toe-out on turns

9 Electrical and electronic principles 224
Principles of magnetism and electricity
Introductory electronics
Computer controlled systems
Networking and CAN

10 Electrical and electronic systems 243
Charging system
Starting systems
Electrical principles

11 Ignition systems 260
Ignition systems – coil, capacitor (condenser)
Electronic ignition systems, non-electronic ignition systems
Fault tracing and service and maintenance procedures
Sensors and pulse generators
Ignition timing
Diagnostic trouble codes
12 Electrical systems and circuits

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